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5 Reasons to Go for a Caravan Holiday in 2019

If you’re the sort that likes to plan your holidays well in advanced, you may be wondering what sort of holiday to go on next year. Should you go on an all-inclusive or a weekend city break?

There’s also the possibility of a caravan holiday, something which many people still go on and is a perfectly viable option.

Here’s why you should book a caravan holiday for 2019.

1. Feel Free to Go Wherever

Unless you choose to stay in a static caravan, you can go wherever you like. Take your caravan to stay by the beach or in the middle of open country. It’s entirely your choice and you have the absolute freedom to go wherever.

2. Plenty of Outdoor Space

Wherever you go, there’s going to be plenty of outdoor space to run around, play frisbee or set up a barbeque and relax in the sun. It’s great if you have kids with lots of energy as there’s almost no restrictions of where they can go.

3. Create Loads of Memories

Plenty of fond memories can be made by going on a simple caravan holiday and some of these memories can be made from playing simple board game, visiting a local market, or watching a film.

4. Make Your Own Fun

The best part of any caravan holiday is that you can make your own fun! There won’t be many video games or electronics in your caravan so it’s a good idea to bring lots of board games, playing cards and books to read. You can even bring a few tennis rackets.

5. Perfect for Families

All of this adds up to a perfect family holiday, especially ones that have younger children. With all that outdoor space and opportunity for fun, it’s a great way to help create loads of positive memories.

Interested? Find out how we run family holidays at Retreat Caravan Park by visiting our about us page.

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