With the summer holidays approaching, many of us are getting ready to open the doors to our static caravans for the hot months. For those of us who haven’t visited our static caravan for a while, some cleaning is probably going to be needed! Regular cleaning can help to get rid of any bugs and germs, keep vermin away and prolong the life of your furnishings, fixtures and fittings.

Whether you’re looking for some tips on keeping your static caravan spotless and beautiful all year round or need help on one big clean, we can help!

Internal Cleaning

  • We’d advise cleaning and tidying one room at a time. Once you see one room revamped and freshened it will inspire you to carry on!
  • Remember those hard to reach places like blinds; try attaching a cloth to a ruler to clean tricky places!
  • A top trick for removing limescale from a kettle is squeezing in lemon juice, adding cold water and leaving it to stand for half an hour.
  • Use window cleaner or a weak white vinegar solution to clean any grubby marks from the insides of windows.
  • As you clean, make a list of any necessary repairs you should undertake soon. You can go back to them later or tick them off as you go.
  • Give your bathroom and kitchen a good clean. Remember the insides of your fridge; antibacterial wipes are great to use here.
  • Finish off with a quick spritz of air freshener and fresh, clean sheets on the beds.

External Cleaning

  • Have a look at the guttering and ensure it is free of any fallen leaves or debris. If possible, wash the gutter with a hosepipe.
  • Give any doors, windows, skirting areas and vents a thorough wash and ensure you have removed all debris, leaves, twigs and unwanted animal nests.
  • Give the exterior of the caravan a wash and polish all over. You can contact an experienced cleaning company to help you if you are less able.
  • Remember the roof of your caravan; rinse it with water to loosen any dirt or debris that has got stuck.
  • Wash the exterior of windows with a soft cloth and water. Car windscreen cleaner can help to get your windows sparkling!
  • As with the interior, make note of any repairs that may need doing in the future.

Whilst cleaning can get boring, try and make it a fun job that will prepare you for seasons worth of relaxation in your static caravan. Why not get the whole family involved to speed up the cleaning process?

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Top 5 Static Caravan Maintenance Tips

Keeping your static caravan in top condition is extremely important- it’s a great investment to your family and will be the prime destination for many future holidays. Like anything, the trick to keeping your static caravan in perfect form is maintenance. We’ve put together our top five tips to ensure your static caravan is kept in its best state all year round.

Gas & Electric

It’s important to undergo annual maintenance of your boiler of which should be completed by a registered engineer. However, if you are experiencing issues with your boiler you should make an engineer aware of this as soon as possible. Electrical systems should also be checked annually to ensure maximum safety within your caravan. When it comes to leaving your caravan after a holiday or for the winter season, ensure the electric and gas is turned off at the main connection point.

Caravan Exterior

It’s surprisingly easy for dirt to collect on your caravan throughout the year. You should take the time to clean the exterior to keep it looking pristine and ensure it remains waterproof. We’d advise using a jet wash for a quick and thorough clean or a cloth and detergent. Windows can be cleaned on the outside and inside with an average window cleaning solution.

Caravan Interior

It goes without saying that the interior of your caravan should be cleaned regularly. You’ll be able to notice any signs of wear and tear that could potentially affect the lifespan of your caravan. This way, you’ll be able to fix anything as soon as possible. If you’re unable to perform a deep clean yourself, look into services that can complete this for you.

Get Insurance

If you don’t already have insurance for you static caravan, you should make it a priority to get it as soon as possible. You’ll need to ensure that the insurance you get has the adequate cover to meet your requirements. Ensure you check the policy carefully so you’re aware of exactly what you will be covered against.

Air Vents & Gutters

Two small, yet very important, aspects to a static caravan are the air vents and gutters. Air vents are extremely important in terms of safety, but you should ensure vents are kept closed when the caravan is not in use. Any vents on the walls or floor, however, should be kept open to help avoid damp. Gutters should be kept free of debris, particularly in the autumn and winter months, as this could potentially lead to damp patches.

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