Top Tips for Selling a Static Caravan

Whether your static caravan has had years of love or you’ve just decided the caravan life isn’t for you, our top tips for selling could come in handy when it’s time to say goodbye.

Get a Valuation

Taking the time to get a proper valuation on your static caravan will help to ensure you aren’t selling your caravan for less than it is worth. Though it may be an extra cost, it’s important to understand it could save you a lot of money in the long run.

Decide who to sell to

With static caravan sales, there are generally three options available to you. You could choose to sell your caravan to a park owner, a dealer/trader or to a private buyer. You’re likely to get the most for your money by selling privately, though it could be easier to sell elsewhere.

Have a Renovation

Ensure your static caravan is selling ready by renovating it. If you’ve owned your caravan a while it’s likely to be looking old, tatty and dated, so a lick of paint and some new furniture interiors will bring it a whole new life, and look more inviting to potential buyers, too.

Take good pictures

If you’re looking to sell online or via an advert, you’ll need to ensure you have some good, professional images to go alongside it. This will make the static caravan more tempting for potential buyers. You could try your hand at photography or call the professionals in at an extra cost.

Sell at a peak time

If possible, consider selling your caravan during the peak period. The peak months for static caravan selling are January through to April, as this is when people are getting ready for their summer holidays. The demand for a caravan can greatly increase the price people are willing to pay for it.

If you’re selling your static caravan because you’re looking for an impressive, brand new one, we can help. Here at Retreat we have a range of beautiful static caravans available– they are true holiday homes.

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