2024 Garden Competition Results

Gardens which have had great care put into them were on display once again this year in our annual garden competition. Contestants were asked in to collaborate with Retreat’s annual challenge, in partnership with The David Bellamy Blooming Marvelous Pledge, to adopt a theme of ‘Home Sweet Home’ aiming to promote the establishment of a Retreat Hotel for birds, hedgehogs, bees and insects.

Alongside creating habitats, a ‘Celebration of Sport’ theme was encouraged to commemorate the Summer of Sport, featuring events like the Olympics, Euro 2024, and T20 Cricket World Cup.

BARB Search and Rescue kindly volunteered to judge the competition and were highly impressed by the quality of gardens on show alongside the creativity to provide wildlife habitats. Following some deliberation the top 3 is as follows:

1st Place: 10 Middle Valley

2nd Place: 5 Driftwood Way

3rd Place: 16 Middle Valley

All contestant’s alongside the winners we would like to praise for the efforts put into your gardens and once again any small donations to BARB would be of great appreciation.

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