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5 Habitats in 5 Years


This is our 12th year of taking part in the David Bellamy Conservation Award Scheme and we have been very proud to have received our 11th Gold Award last year and fingers crossed we may achieve our 12th this year.

Our new Assessor Abi visited us last Monday and spent a couple of hours finding out about The Retreat and what makes us so special as a dune environment.

We achieved our “Honey Bee Pledge” status last year and continue to add planting around the Park with the Bees in mind.

The 5 Habitats in 5 Years has been launched this year, with hedgerows being the first habitat. We have undertaken a Hedgerow Survey and measured the amount of hedgerows on The Park  and staggered to reveal we have approximately 2,500m of hedgerows. WOW. As our hedgerows have been here for many years they also contain many native species and provide an excellent habitat for birds, insects and other species. The Autumn and Winter berries from the brambles and sea buckthorn also provide a great source of food.

Lets hope we achieve our “Hedge Habitat Badge”.

Next year’s habitat will be “Wildflower Areas”. Abi and I identified many areas around The Park where this Autumn we can sow seeds to create pockets of wildflowers – not quite meadows but a good start.

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