Enjoying Christmas in your Static Caravan

If you’re the proud owner of a static caravan holiday home, you may have thought about getting the ideal Christmas getaway. A lot of holiday parks are open all year round to owners, and if yours is one of them, you could be having festivities whilst enjoying the relaxation the holidays have to offer.

Remember that whenever you go on holiday during the year it’s vital to make sure your home is kept safe and secure. Leaving a light on is a great way to deter any burglars or you could ask a neighbour or family member to keep an eye out whilst you are away.

We’ve put together some of our top tips to ensure your Christmas static caravan holiday is a real success.

Think of the Weather

Just because you’re heading on holiday, doesn’t mean the weather will be warm for Christmas. If your static caravan holiday home isn’t already equipped with extra blankets, take some with you. Even if you have a good central heating system in your static caravan, it’s always sensible to be fully prepared in the colder months! Just imagine if the boiler broke down and the temperatures were below freezing! It’s also important to remember your warmest winter clothes, shoes and PJ’s too!

Decorate for Christmas!

Why would you head away for a Christmas holiday without decorating your static caravan the same way you would decorate your home? Your tree may have to be slightly smaller, but you can get some great ones with lights attached, meaning no untangling and less plugs and electricity used! Avoid using real candles in a static caravan as they can quickly become dangerous, so stick with decorations like wreaths and the likes to create a very festive feel!

Traditional Christmas Food

Modern static caravans have everything you need in a kitchen to cook the perfect dinner, including at Christmas. You may find it easier to cook the turkey at home and take it with you if you’re only spending a few nights away, as it will save you time and more room for all the delicious extras. If you’re looking for a completely stress-free weekend away, look out for local restaurants and pubs that are offering Christmas Day dinners- but remember you’ll need to book in advance.

Family Entertainment

Christmas Day just isn’t the same without some fantastic entertainment. If your static caravan has a TV or Wi-Fi connection, you won’t need to miss out on the fantastic television Christmas has to offer. Bring some board games with you to give the whole family a chance to rest their eyes from the TV screen and have a whole lot of fun. If your caravan park is open over the Christmas holidays, it’s likely that a number of the facilities will be available too, so look out for those!

If you’re interested in purchasing a brand-new holiday home, we can help; take a look at the beautiful models we have available now! Or, if you would like to contact a member of the Retreat team, give us a call on 01278 795006 or via our contact page.

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