We have received the following letter from David Bellamy:

It gives me great pleasure to let you know that your park has been awarded a Gold David Bellamy
Conservation Award for 2017/18. Let me take this opportunity to thank you and your team for all the
hard work you have put in to make your park a real haven for wildlife and to go the extra mile to
ensure that it is sustainable and a good neighbour to the local community.

I am delighted that you are moving towards more environmentally friendly lighting. Of all the other
wonderful projects you have put in place, I am particularly impressed by the lengths you go to plant
for wildlife – it is wonderful that you have two ladies with a good knowledge of plants to help you
make the most of your coastal location. Not surprisingly, thanks to all the hard work you have done
to help Britain’s bees, I am delighted to say that you are officially a “Honey Bee Friendly” park.

What’s more, it’s great to hear that you have some wonderful, wildlife-friendly hedges on your park,
that you understand their importance and are committed to managing them with wildlife in mind – as
a result, I am pleased to say that you have earned your first 5-in-5 habitat badge
. Why not use the hedgerows logo to create signage to highlight your hedges and
the work you’re doing to enhance them for wildlife?

Remember that next year our habitat focus will
be on wildflowers so, get planning and planting for your next 5-in-5 badge!

Please take a moment to read through your assessment, Abigail has reported on many positive
environmental activities which led to your Gold award status. The assessment also provides many
recommendations for how you can move forward and make your beautiful park even better.
At the end of your report you will see a top three of recommendations, these have been highlighted
as actions our assessor thinks will be most beneficial. In particular, can I suggest a simple nature
trail, as Abigail recommends.

As you look towards the year ahead, please remember that if there is anything that I or my team can
do to help, just get in touch.
Let me finish by saying ‘congratulations’ once again on your achievement – please keep up your
wonderful work and make 2018 your most wildlife-friendly year yet!
David Bellamy
BH&HPA President

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