Keeping your Static Caravan Warm when Temperatures Start to Drop

As winter approaches and temperatures start to drop, you may begin to notice a little chill throughout your static caravan holiday home. The decrease in temperatures needn’t be the end of your weekend breaks though, as there are many ways to keep static caravans warm throughout winter.

Underfloor Heating

Installing underfloor heating in your static caravan is a great way to combat any winter chills. Warm air moves towards cold floors naturally, so installing underfloor heating will allow the static caravan to feel the full benefits of any other heating or insulation throughout the holiday home. You’ll also begin to notice big benefits in a number of areas including energy efficiency, operating costs and general comfort.


If underfloor heating is slightly outside of your budget, there are many internal features and accessories that can help you to feel warmer through the colder months. Portable heaters can make a huge difference to static caravans, whether you opt for gas or electric. Electric blankets are also a great way to keep your bed warm; whilst it may have little impact on the caravan itself, it can help you to get a comfortable night’s sleep!

Keep Curtains Open

The most cost-efficient and easiest thing you can do to heat up your static caravan is to keep curtains and blinds. Whilst some heat may escape through your windows, having your curtains or blinds open will encourage natural sunlight to warm up the static caravan during the daytime. If you’re spending time away from your static caravan during the colder months, keep your windows shut and curtains open to help combat condensation.

If maintaining your static caravan this winter is a concern for you, we can help give you some advice on how to combat the cold. Our holiday homes for sale are built to the highest of specifications to help you enjoy a static caravan holiday throughout winter and all year round.

For more information or to talk to the Retreat team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via our contact page or by giving us a call on 01278 795006.

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