Hello and welcome to the very first Retreat Recitals. This will be a weekly blog posted every Friday updating you on upcoming events and on goings at the park. It’s an exciting time for everyone involved at Retreat. The summer period is on the horizon, even though as I write this post it’s raining cats and dogs and feels like we’re in mid-December rather than stepping into May. Although every summer is one for fun and positivity on the park this one has a bit more excitement around it with the opening of our Middle Valley Upgrade. With the final rolls of luscious green grass due to be laid down this upcoming week it’s delightful to see the tireless hours of work come into fruition. A huge thank you also has to go to all of our owners who I’m sure probably wanted to have sound proofing installed at times but stayed patient throughout.

David Bellamy Award

Preparations have been ongoing with the goal to earn our very first wildflower habitat badge as part of the David Bellamy conservation awards. After securing Gold status for the last 12 years and the bee badge for the last 2 we are hoping to earn our very first wildflower habitat badge. You’ll hopefully see the banks of the park come into life over the coming weeks with Lucy making her best efforts to scatter the park with wildflower seeds. If any owners have left over wildflower seeds you’re more than welcome to scatter them were the grass has been left naturally long. If there are any keen photographers who wish to take pictures of the wildflowers, we would be more than appreciative if you could send pictures of them into us!!!

Royal Wedding

On Saturday 19th May we will be hosting a street party outside the office to celebrate Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s marriage. All owners are welcome to bring along family members and friends. More information will follow shortly.

Finishing off

As some people may have noticed this week we’ve removed the signs to not drive on the grass down at links corner. Although you’re allowed to drive on the grass for unloading purposes, we urge owners do not park outside your vans due to it becoming a potential hazard in the case of an emergency.

We hope you all have a tremendous weekend and enjoy whatever plans you have.

All the best

Scott Miles & Team Retreat

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