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Tips for Decorating your Static Home

If you are an owner of a static caravan, it’s likely that it will be your home away from home and a lot of time will be spent there. Therefore, static caravans can quickly feel dated and in need of an overhaul. Decorating your static caravan doesn’t have to mean a complete refurb, instead you could look to make smaller changes with additional accessories or new wallpaper.

We’ve put together our top tips on how you can decorate your static home in a cost effective and impressive manner.

Start with Walls

Many static caravans look similar from the outset, though this doesn’t mean the interiors are without unique character. You can start decorating by adding some brand new wallpaper. You’ll be surprised of how much of a difference it can make. Remember that lighter colours can make smaller spaces seem bigger than they are, which is great for static homes that are slightly smaller than others. Add personal touches by hanging up your favourite photos for a homely touch.

Create Storage

Storage space can be limited in static caravans, so opting for the right designs can transform any caravan space. In bedrooms, opt for cupboards above the bed rather than around the room itself. Another great storage idea is to have space fitted under the bed for storage. This ensures any mess can be tidied away easily, as well as giving the impression of a larger static caravan.

Add Mirrors

Mirrors are able to give the impression of a larger space, which is why they’re very popular within static caravans. You can completely personalise the type of mirror you choose, from grand floor length designs to smaller, mirrored tiles. If you’re not keen on mirrors, lights can work in the same way. Choosing different lighting for each room will give an instant, unique feel for every aspect of the static home. Lights that are able to dim are great for the autumn and winter months, too.

Make Small Changes

Slight changes may not seem like a big difference, but a big difference they can make. Replace small fixtures like door knobs, handles and faucets to keep every aspect of your caravan stylish and modern. We’d advise checking the fixtures you like are suitable for use within a static caravan. By painting cupboards and doors or by simply using throws and cushions you are bound to make a big difference. Even the most used and old upholstery can be made to appear brand new and inviting.

If you’re looking to purchase a brand new, modern static caravan home, we have some fabulous options available over on our website now. All pitches at Retreat are generously spaces and most are fenced to provide your own private garden.

For more information on our static homes for sale or how to decorate yours, get in touch today by visiting our contact page or by giving us a call on 01278 795006.

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