Top 10 Items to Pack on a Caravan Holiday

One of the best things about a static caravan holiday is that it’s like a home away from home. However, this means you’ll need to bring your home essentials as they’re unlikely to be provided for you. With England holidays comes unpredictable British weather, meaning you’ll need to ensure nothing is forgotten! We’ve put together our top ten items to pack on a static caravan holiday to guarantee you’ll have everything you need for a great week away.

  1. Towels

Though towels may be provided in holiday resorts, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be given them on a static caravan resort. Don’t be caught out by only packing a bath towel, you’ll also need beach towels and tea towels if you’re planning on doing some home cooking.

  1. Cooking Utensils

If you are planning on doing some home cooking whilst away in your static caravan, you’re going to want to remember to pack some cooking utensils. Bring a spatula, wooden spoon and tongs in case the weathers nice and you decide to have a BBQ! You won’t want to be caught without them.

  1. The Basics

You’ll want to ensure you take some extra toilet roll, kitchen roll, cling film and tin foil with you if you haven’t stocked up in your static caravan. Though these things will be easy to buy on or around the caravan park, you’ll want to have them readily available at all times.

  1. Food

Save some time and a boring trip to the local supermarket by bringing some basic food with you. Many people want to enjoy a nice cup of tea after travelling across country, so it’s important to have the essentials like teabags and biscuits at the ready! Stock up on non-perishable items in your caravan for future trips, too- just in case.

  1. Entertainment

Holidaying in England means you should be prepared for the unpredictable weather. If you’re on a break away with the kids, you’ll want to ensure there is some entertainment available for rainy days. Bring an array of board games to play as a family or even some DVD’s to watch together.

  1. Furnishings

Not necessarily for the static caravan itself, but furnishings like foldaway beach chairs and umbrellas are important to pack if you’re opting for a holiday by the sea. A good beach chair will help you to stay comfortable and you can even sit outside the caravan itself to talk to your neighbours.

  1. Clothes

You won’t forget to pack your clothes, but you might forget to pack an array of different garments for different weather conditions. Remember it might rain, so wellies and a jumper are a must for the suitcase, whilst shorts, swimsuits and vests are a necessity for the (hopefully) sunnier days!

  1. Toiletries

If you don’t keep a supply of toiletries in your static caravan, you’ll want to ensure they’re packed to bring along. Bring sun cream even if you don’t think you’ll need it- remember the weather is susceptible to change! A first aid kit is also a must for any accidents that might occur.

  1. Area maps/Guides

If you’re relatively new to the area, it might be beneficial for you to take a map or guide of the area along with you. It will help you get around without getting lost and could give you some fun and exciting ideas of where to visit with the whole family, saving you spending days indoors bored.

  1. Last-Minute Things

The easiest things to forget and some of the most important. Do a last-minute check of your home to ensure you’ve packed the basics like your toothbrush, hairbrush, phone charger and other necessities that you may have used before you need to get up and leave!

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