Top 5 Activities for a British Seaside Getaway

Whilst the nights may be drawing in quicker and the weather getting colder, Britain’s beaches are still booming with activity this Autumn. We’ve put together our top five activities for a British seaside getaway regardless of the weather.

Throw a Barbecue

Even if the weather is dull and grey, there’s something very comforting about a barbie on a British beach, not to mention the perfect way to bond with family over some delicious food whilst watching the waves roll in! It is important to check your beach of choice allows for personal barbecues, as not all allow it or are safe to do so in.

Take a Picnic

If the weathers not quite right for a barbecue or you don’t think its allowed, why not take a picnic with you instead? If the weathers nice, you could do some sunbathing or go for a swim! Picnics are ideal for all weather conditions; simply find a nice beach hut or shelter if it starts to rain!

Organise some Games

If you’re on a static caravan holiday, it’s the perfect time to get your neighbours involved in some seaside games. Whether you’re interested in a quick game of frisbee, football or old school rounders, the beach is the perfect, spacious place to do so.

Set Up Camp

Why not go on an adventure one night and set up camp on your local beach? You can bring the barbecue and some games along with you, creating the perfect atmosphere. We’d advise leaving camping to the Summer, and make sure your beach of choice allows it!

Local Events

Whether you’re on holiday or at your local beach, why not check to see if there are any local events taking place? You may find that there’s a funfair, volleyball tournament or community feast happening nearby.

At Retreat Caravan Park, we’re located adjacent to the beautiful, seven-mile long Burnham Beach. It is the ideal place to spend your holidays, whether you’re planning to visit in the Summer or Winter! With so much going on in the local community, there’s always something to do or see at Burnham-on-Sea.

At Retreat Caravan Park, we can help you find your home away from home for unlimited family holidays all year round! For more information, don’t hesitate to contact the team today or call us on 01278 795006.

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