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Top Tips for Buying Second-Hand Static Caravans


If you like the idea of owning a holiday home away from home, why not invest in a static caravan? Better yet, why not save money and opt for a second-hand static caravan? To help you pick the ideal, second-hand static caravan to suit you, we’ve put together our top tips.

The Seller

Once you’ve found a potential second-hand caravan you’d like to buy, there are a few things you can do to ensure you’re dealing with a legitimate seller. For example, make sure you can visit the static caravan with the seller. The location you view the caravan at should be the same address as is shown on the caravan’s registration document.


Do as much research on the static caravan as you feel necessary. How much will it cost to insure? Are there any problems that you will need to keep an eye on? Ask the current owners to take you around the entirety of the caravan, asking them to point out any issues. You are likely to find that the price reflects the caravans condition.


You should always inspect the static caravan thoroughly, and if possible without the owners. Some important things to look for when buying second-hand are damp, doors and windows, locks and the gas and electrics. If you find it helpful, take a notebook that states what to look out for, and make notes as you are looking round.

Age & History

Find out as much as you can about the history of the static caravan. Ideally, it should come with formal service history. The owner should be able to provide you with the original handbook. The age of a static caravan can tell you a lot, though it can be difficult to get an accurate estimation. Ask the owner and check the handbook.

Be Punctual

Being a good second-hand static caravan buyer can ensure you get the good deals before anyone else. Turn up on time to your viewings and make prompt decisions after all the appropriate checks. If you’re in need of a loan, try to ensure it is in place beforehand. If you want to negotiate the price, you should ensure you can move on with the sale quickly and efficiently.

At Retreat Caravan Park, we have a range of second-hand static caravans available to buy now, suiting a variety of tastes and budget options. For more information or to talk to a member of the Retreat team, get in touch via our contact page or by calling us on 01278 795006.

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