Winter Prep for Static Caravans

If you’re leaving your static caravan unused this winter, it’s vital you prepare for the harsh weather. Static caravans can be vulnerable to damage caused by the drop in temperature, including frozen pipes, condensation, mildew and infestations. Luckily, these are avoidable through winter prep.

Drain Down

You can ensure pipes won’t freeze up in the cold weather by draining down your caravan before the park closes. It’s easy to do, and requires simply turning off the caravan’s water supply from the stopcock and running all taps until no water is left.


Once there is no longer any water within the pipes, make a checklist for packing, including all valuables. Take bedding items home with you or place them in vacuum sealed bags. If you have enough room, stand mattresses on their edge and leave cupboard doors open to improve circulation. You should also leave all doors ajar to improve air flow throughout the caravan.


Empty the fridge of all food and give the inside a quick clean. If you can, empty the freezer too- we’d advise using up everything you have instead of taking it with you! This way you can switch the electric off and won’t be wasting any energy. Don’t be tempted to leave unopened packets of food, as this won’t deter animals. Leave all the cupboards and fridge doors open for airflow purposes.

Sitting Room

Have a good look around to ensure you have anything of value, whether this be the TV, DVD player or the likes of. Give the area a good clean to ensure any food spills and crumbs aren’t left to fester. Remove any sofa cushions away from the walls and roll up any rugs to stand on their end.

General Interior

The cold and wet weather can create damp. Consider removing fabric or net curtains from your static caravan to help avoid mildew. If you decide to leave them as they are, be aware that leaving curtains open is the best safety option, as it proves there is nothing worth breaking in entry for. Vacuum the entirety of the caravan to remove any leftover food and debris.


Have a look at the static caravan exterior to see what kind of condition it is in. Are there any gaps that could encourage insects or rodents? Will the steps last another winter? Ensure all gaps are tightly blocked and move the steps inside if you can. Remove any vegetation that has grown underneath or around the caravan to discourage wildlife. If you have an outdoor area, store it somewhere safe.

Top Tips

  • Open windows and doors! Air the caravan out before you leave.
  • Secure the caravan; double check locks and seals
  • Keep it clean
  • Keep out unwanted guests
  • Prevent frozen pipes
  • Disconnect gas supply and store canister safely

If you’re on the lookout for a static caravan holiday home for next summer, we’ve got some available for purchase now. All Retreat pitches are generously spaced and most are fenced to provide your own private garden and standard facilities.

For more information, get in touch with Retreat Caravan Park today by giving us a call on 01278 795006 or visit our contact page.

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