Retreat Recitals

Retreat Recitals

Hello all and a very happy Somerset day, we hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend in the sunshine and that if you did travel back Monday you enjoyed the parking lot that is the M5. In terms of a few quick updates before I go onto this week’s topics. There has been a sheet placed in the laundry room with food items we would like you to bring. We would kindly ask if you could put your name against the food items you plan on providing to get an idea of what level of supplies we will have. This week we’ve also added some nature to the park with two fishes coming to the water feature outside the park office.

Point to Point

This coming Wednesday Retreat will be present with our ginormous gazebo at Weston and Banwell Harriers point to point race meet at Cothelstone Somerset. This is a great opportunity to see some great race action up close in the flesh whilst also a great opportunity to socialises. Entry fee is based on a price per car basis at £20 each making it an affordable day out. If you are inclined for a cheeky gamble on a few horses there will be bookmakers present within the site.


Just a kind reminder that our park policy for fences is that they can only be painted to any shade of brown. We had a miscommunication this week where in the updated park rules we forgot to indicate that fences must be kept to a shade of brown and as a result we’ve had a fence fall outside this category. So if you do plan upon repainting your fence in the near future that it’s kept to a brown colourway.

World Paper Airplane Championships

For all of you budding paper airplane flyers this may just be the event for you. It has been announced the best in the world are coming to Burnham town centre. On Sunday 26th August between 11am – 3pm. The event will be held in the events area of the high street.

Closing off

As I mentioned in last week’s recitals it’s the Taunton eat festival this coming weekend so if you’re struggling for plans this week I would highly recommend checking it out. We hope you all have a lovely week with the weather forecast looking promising next week.

All the best

Scott Miles & Team Retreat

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